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Word problems and solutions on fraction for grade 6, 7, 8

Wednesday 4 January 2023


 Q1. Mr. Kumar is getting his house renovated 1/5th of the work has been 

completed in 2 months. How much time will it take for the entire work to be 



                               The whole work is divided into 5 parts

                               for completing 1/5th of the work =2months

                                      so, for completing full work = 5* 1/5

                                                                                 =5*2 months

                                                                                 =10 months.





 In February 2021 a school was working only three-fourths of the total 

number of days in the month and the remaining number of days given as 

holidays. How many days did the school work in the month of February?


               The year 2021  is a non-leap year. 

             We know that a non-leap has 28 days in February month.

             So, the total number of days 

             Given, the school was working only three-fourths 

              of the total number of days in the month.

               therefore, The number of days school working in  February month 

                                                                                     =21 days

    Hence, the school working for days in the month of February for the year 2021.





In a  of 50 students  3/5 are girls. How many boys are there in the class?


          Total no. of students in a class room = 50

             No. of girls  =  3/5 of 50


            Therefore no. of boys =  50-30

                                                = 20




An oil container contains litres of oil which are poured into  liters 

bottles. How many bottles are needed to fill  litres of oil?


        Given, a container holds total oil of  litres, 

        total amount held by each bottle is litres.

             Let the number of bottles required is 

            Total oil in the container = product of oil in each bottle and the number

 of bottles required.


                           x    =712/212


Therefore,  bottles are required to fill the total oil in the container.


 A square garden has the area of 3625 cm^2  

Find the side of the square garden.


                 Given the area of the square garden is 3625 cm^2

                     We know that area of the square =side*side

                                       side*side =3625

                                      a^2        =3625

                                           a      =

                                            a    =65

       Hence, the length of the side of the square garden is 65 feet




 At a party, total ice-creams are prepared. 

Four-seventh of them is eaten by the children. Find the ice- creams 

eaten by the children.?


                   Total ice-creams prepared =280

                 Number of ice-creams eaten by children 

                                                                 =4/7 of 280



                Hence, children ate 160 ice-creams.



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